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Processing of seeds

Are you looking for the complete technology of processing seeds, like seed cleaner, (fine-)grinding, protein extraction?
We offer machines for the further processing of oil press cakes, for grinding grain and much more.
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We are happy to offer you individual solutions for the extraction and production of vegetable protein or insect protein!

Making cold pressed oil and grind flour - how is this related?

Since 1996 we develop machines for processing oil seeds (cold oil press, chamber filter presses). Over the years, further technologies have been added in response to customer requirements. We started with the further processing of the oil press cake, which was initially considered a pure by-product of oil pressing and was used in animal feeding. Gradually, the demand for flours, proteins for human consumption increased, so that today we can offer complete solutions for the bakery trade. With our innovative machines you can produce sustainable products that represent a real alternative to meat products, for example.

Spelt peeler for peeling grains like buckwheat, spelt, einkorn, wild emmer, oat etc. or peeling oil seeds like hemp, sunflower, moringa, sacha inchi and others

Peeler for peeling sunflower seeds, peanuts, moringa seeds, etc.


Seed cleaner "Mahlknecht seed cleaner"

The seed cleaner is used for cleaning seeds like oat, wheat, rye etc. from impuritie

Flaker "Mahlknecht Flaker"

"Mahlknecht Flaker" can be used for the production of oat and tigernut flakes. Some seeds are crushed before pressing, like hard seeds as rosehip or prickly pear. This facilitates further processing into cold pressed oil.

Milling machine "Mahlknecht 100" and "Mahlknecht 200"

The press cake produced during the oil pressing is premilled and comminuted with the "Mahlknecht flaker" (~350µ). The press cake can further be processed into flour or protein. The "Mahlknecht 100 or Mahlknecht 200" mill is also suitable for pre-grinding press cakes. The flaked press cake can then be processed into flour or protein.

(Fine-)grinding with "Mahlknecht pin mill plant"

Flour of hemp, camelina, sunflower, - with the pin mill the oil press cake can easily be processed into flour!
To pre-mill the presscake the mill "Mahlknecht 100" and mill "Mahlknecht 200" are usable. After the processing into flour you can process the milled presscake with the concentrator into protein powder.

Grinding or producing protein powder with the "Mahlknecht Concentrator

Processing of Hemp press cake to get hemp protein powder - seperation of shell and protein with the "Mahlknecht Concentrator"


Fine-milling: Processing of lupin, corn, quinoa, chickpeas, barley and other type of grains to get flour.

Mobile milling plant Mahlknecht

With the compact mobile milling plant you can premill oil press cake to make flour. Afterwards it seperates the protein from the shell. The protein powder you can use at human food or animal feed. You can process the presscake of hempseeds, sunflower seeds, rapeseeds, camelina and much more!


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