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- Machines for cold pressed oil, seeds, grains and protein -                  

We can offer you the complete small-scale technology of oil pressing; dehulling and grinding of seeds and grain. If you have any questions - regarding the oil pressing or the grain and specialty milling - we are at your disposal with competent...


Pressing vegetable oil:

We provide you with the know-how and technology of the entire production chain in oilseed processing - cold pressing process.Hart seeds as well as oleaginous seeds and nuts, peeled and unpeeled seeds can be pressed with our machines.We attach great...


Filtration of oil:

We offer different sizes of filter systems for filtering oils. The filtration cleans the oil and leads to a longer durability.During or after the filtration process the oil can be cold refined, winterized, deodorized. ...


Dehulling of different peeling fruits:

We produce peeling machines for hemp, sunflower, soy, oats, spelled, Einkorn, Emmer, buckwheat, Moringa, Sacha Inchi and other peeling fruits. By peeling raw fiber or the THC content (eg hemp) can be reduced. 


Milling and protein recovery:

We offer machines for further processing of oil press cake, e.g. for the production of flour or the recovery of protein.


Soybean processing:

In the field of soybean processing we can offer different machines: roaster for soybeans, dehuller.



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